Friday, 24 June 2011


We have had lots of strawberries off of our plants that we planted back in March.  I can't believe how juicy they are!  They really are delicious.  Amelia especially likes them and I have had a few problems with keeping her away from them.  She has picked several before they were ripe and ate a few of the red ones too!  The children picked some today and they had them for dessert.

Our other vegetables are coming along really well.  Our spring onions are getting tall, our carrots and tomato plants are getting nice and bushy and we have several courgettes growing from their flowers.  The broad beans, potatoes and lettuces are also doing very well.  My Dad visited at the weekend and commented that we would soon have a whole dinner in our garden with the chickens and their eggs aswell! I promised him we would NOT be eating the chickens though!


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