Monday, 27 June 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

I can't believe how hot it has been today!  At one point the temperature was 32 degrees! It has been so horrible and sticky.  I'm so grateful to the parents who remembered to bring a sun hat and sun cream for their child.  I do have spare SPF 50 sun cream here in my setting for those who do forget.  However it is preferable that parents do provide their own in a named bottle.  This can be kept in your child's bag on their peg so that it is on hand at all times.  I am looking into getting some hats which can be kept here as spares in the event that children forget theirs however it is preferable that children please bring their own.

The children played out in the garden this morning in the lovely sunshine.  We got the tents and the tunnel out which the children had run running in and out of.  The sand and water table was popular with all the children as always and I kept refilling the water as they liked to cool off in it.  I may have to think about getting a paddling pool!

Drinks were always on hand to quench their thirsts. They sat at the picnic table for regular drinks and snacks and also ate their lunch outside..

We went to the park for an hour this afternoon. The wind started to whip up a bit which gave off a nice breeze.  When we got home we continued to play outside but had to come in when it started to rain.


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