Friday, 24 June 2011

People Who Help Us

Our topic this month has been People Who Help Us.  We have been on outings this week to the shops, the library, the post office and hairdressers to see the sorts of people who help us in every day life.  We had a chat with the postman this morning who gave the children lots of post for me, and we also looked at the recycling lorries when they came to empty the bins this morning.  The children stood with their hands over their ears as the glass bottles and jars smashed and clanked into the dustbin lorry. We have also been looking at the emergency services.

We looked at pictures of firefighters and police officers and spoke about their headgear and why they wear it.  We discussed the dangers of their jobs and why it is necessary for them to wear hats and helmets.  We also looked at their uniforms and spoke about how it is special and will keep the firefighter safe from the heat of the flames, and also waterproof so they do not get wet from their hoses! The babies also looked at the pictures.  They were laminated ones I got off the internet, just right for little hands to hold.

At circle time we looked at pictures of people who help us.  The children took it in turns to say something about the pictures.  I asked them where the person worked and what they do.  I got some very clever responses;

"The fireman puts out fires and rescues cats from branches in big tall trees" 
"the librarian borrows books at the library"
"The police lady puts handcuffs on"
"The nurse feels your head if you're hot"
"The teacher works in a school."

I asked the children what they wanted to be when they grow up. A and L both said they want to work in a school like A's Daddy. 

We did some role play this afternoon where the children dressed up as people that help us.  

Drawing and colouring a fire engine

We have also been looking at the "Things People Do" book by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright.  It is an old book that I have had for years, but the children love looking through it at all the different people.

Anne Civardi - Stephen Cartwright: The Usborne Book of Things People Do


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