Monday, 13 June 2011

New Storage

Welcome back after our holiday last week.  We hope you didn't miss us too much! :-)  We had a lovely week.  It was nice just to be able to spend time with our family.  We took Amelia swimming which is something we haven't had time to do since she was a few months old and last wednesday we had a fantastic day in London where we saw Peter Kay at the O2.  My jaw was aching the next day from laughing so much!  He was hilarious and they were also filming the show for his DVD so look out for us in the audience!

I have been busy this evening ironing logos on to our new canvas bags.  I have had them for a few months now but have been so busy that I haven't had time to do them.  But this evening I finally got around to it!

Each child now has their own bag on their peg.  The idea behind them was so that parents could use them to keep their child's suncream and sun hat so that they know they are always here and to hand.  The bags will also be used on outings to hold drinks and snacks, etc.

Also we have some new storage in the living room which is now home to some of the toys. These will be rotated frequently.  The children now have an easier access to the toys they want to play with, giving them more choices.

Along the top of the storage units, the children also have a drawer each where their learning journal will be kept along with any pictures and things they have made ready to take home.  All the boxes are labelled. It's lovely being so organised! The only problem I have now is deterring Amelia from ripping them off which seems to be her new hobby!


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