Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ice Cream Parlour Role Play

The children had great fun this afternoon.  I set up a role play area in the garden; an ice cream parlour. We put our new ice cream stand in the window and the children took it in turns to sell the ice creams and be the customer.  It was lovely to hear the children playing and I had a little giggle at their vocabulary as I took observations;

A: "How much are your ice creams?"
L: "Too much"
A "No... how many pounds are they?"

The customers sat out at a little table (a chalk spinner with a tea towel over the top!) and ate their ice creams in the sun.

I have bought some ice cream today in a variety of flavours.  Tomorrow I am going to set up a table and the children will be able to choose real ice creams.  I also bought a variety of different toppings; crackling chocolate sauce, sticky raspberry sauce, sprinkly hundreds and thousands and crunchy wafers.  Not very healthy, but we are allowed a treat once in a while!  After all, it is the summer holidays! I'm sure the children are going to love this activity!


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