Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunflower Painting

It has been a lovely day today and we have spent most of it in the garden.  We went to the shops this morning and bought some more sand for the activity table as it seems to disappear every week!

This afternoon's activity was hand painting.  We all painted our hands yellow and the children squidged and splatted  their hands in the paint tray before printing them onto paper.  Later this week we will be cutting them out and  making a big sunflower display.

When we had finished painting our hands were very messy!  Amelia even had paint in her hair!  So we washed our hands in a bowl of warm soapy water. 

The children loved the bubble water, so I got out a big bottle of bubble mixture.  The children got plenty of excerise, stretching and jumping to catch the bubbles and developing problem solving, reasoning and numeracy by looking at the varying shapes and sizes of them.


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