Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pepper Printing

Today's planned activity was pepper printing. I thought it would be nice for the children to do it in the garden this afternoon as the sun started to come out.  I got everything set up outside, the children got their shoes on and got stuck in, printing peppers onto card, getting very messy hands in the process. Then all of a sudden it started spitting with rain, but the sun was still out, so we stayed outside.  Then the sun went in and the rain began to get heavier and heavier!  I grabbed a garden umbrella and held it over the children and their paintings which were starting to get wet while Paul ran to get a bowl of soapy water to wash their hands.  We must have looked a picture!  I just hope none of the neighbours were looking at us out of their windows! Unfortunately I didn't catch the rainy moment on camera, but here are some of the children's master pieces!


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