Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Playdough Cupcakes

I only had two little girls to look after one day last week and they asked to make some playdough.

The girls helped to add the ingredients into a big saucepan and we added lots of purple food colouring which they chose themselves. The recipe I use can be found here.

I set it on the hob and stirred it continuously until it formed a doughy consistensy and then set it to cool on the side while we went to play.

Once cooled, the girls practiced rolling, cutting and mark-making in the dough and cutting out little people which I then had to make playdough T-shirts for!


I then provided them with some paper cake cases and some birthday candles and they made some playdough cupcakes.

When Oliver came in and saw we were playing with Playdough he joined us too and made his own cakes! See; not just for girls!


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