Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Celebrations!

We had lots of fun at our Royal Wedding Party on Tuesday. Unfortunately we had to have it inside as it was so cold and windy in the garden.  We had previously arranged to have a garden party.  All was not lost though.  We just bought the food and the bunting inside and celebrated indoors. The cakes the children baked were delicious and they all enjoyed waving their flags.

I only care for children under 3 at the moment, so they didn't really understand.  However we spoke about the Prince and the Princess getting married and we role-played with the Royal Wedding play set from the Early Learning Centre.  We lined up all the Happyland people and the horse drawn carriage drove past them all. Ava made the corgi bark!

We learnt words using the Royal Wedding word cards from Twinkl, such as Buckingham Palace, Prince William, The Queen, corgi, etc.

When it was time for our feast, the children all sat along the tables.  Even the two little ones sat up on the big chairs with some help! We had sandwiches, sausage rolls, salad, tomatoes, fruit, yoghurts and cakes!


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