Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Red Nose Day 2011

To raise money for Comic Relief, this year I organised a Toddle Waddle for the children in my care along with 8 other childminders and their children.  It was a miserable, misty morning but this didn't dampen the children's spirits.  They were all very excited. We all met at the park behind Harper's Brook dressed in our red clothes and the Toddle Waddle began just after 10am.  We walked up to the lake with the boardwark and looked at the ducks and geese and then toddled back again!

The children did very well.  We do not yet have a final figure for the total amount we raised, but so far the children at Oakley Childcare have raised £81! I am so pleased.  We can really make a difference to the lives of children in the UK and Africa.

After the Toddle Waddle we played in the park for a little while and ate the red nose cakes that I made.


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