Thursday, 14 June 2012

Father's Day

 The weather has been so miserable recently.  Our garden has really suffered and the poor chicken's run is just mud where the rain has turned the straw to mulch. I will be so glad when our summer starts so we can get into the garden properly.

We actually made it outside this morning as the sun decided to come out. We tested out our new bubble machine and the children enjoyed catching all the bubbles as they floated around the garden.  We also went to Asda and bought some play sand for the activity table and the children had fun building sandcastles and using the dinosaur moulds.

This afternoon the children were busy bees making cards and cupcakes for their Daddies. We used some black card with some paper ties stuck on the front with PVA glue and a lovely poem inside.

The children then helped to make some cupcakes, taking it in turns to add ingredients and stir the mixture.  We used some football cupcake cases which the children thought the daddies would like.

We left them to cool while we went off to play and then later took it in turns to ice and decorate them while the rest of the children read stories about Dads with Paul in the living room.

 We then finished them off with a cute cupcake box with balls on.

The Daddies really enjoyed their cakes and cards and the children enjoyed the ones that they took home too (well we couldn't JUST give cakes to the Daddies could we?)


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