Thursday, 19 May 2011

Geeses and Gooses and a Little Green Bug..

The children all asked if we could go and see the geese at the lake again today, so we took a walk up there with some bread.  There were so many of them on the bank and they all came down to greet us.  I captured their cute little cheeping noises on my camera.  There were so many of them it was quite noisy!

We didn't stay at the lake long as we had to get back home for Oliver when he finished school.  As we started to head back home, we spotted Oliver on his bike and he rode home with us.

We were half way home when I noticed I had something green on my hand.  I looked down to find it was a little green bug.  I gave it to one of the children and there it stayed on the sleeve of her t-shirt all the way home.  We walked a few metres and we noticed the bug had a little buggy friend; a little black ant which was next to the green bug on her sleeve.  Then when we got home, another little black fly landed on her.  We laughed that she was a little bug-magnet!
We went out into the garden and put them all into our wildlife corner on the ladybird nesting box.  They seemed to like their new home.


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